Short visit to Dresden

Since it is not possible to find a parking space in the Spreewald, we drive on. We have never visited Dresden and it is well worth a try. The place we find is right on the banks of the Elbe with views to the old town.

202 / 5000
There is not much going on. Heat, construction site, corona – for whatever reason.

The Frauenkirche is the landmark of Dresden. Built in the middle of the 18th century, destroyed in 1945 and rebuilt after the fall of the Wall.

The Dresden Zwinger

The Semper Opera

The Fürstenzug the Augustusstrasse impressed me the most. The mural made of around 23,000 tiles made of Meissen porcelain, all possible Fiedrichs and others are depicted as a cavalcade. With a length of 102 m, it is the largest porcelain picture in the world.

Friedrich, the bitten one

And a few more impressions of Dresden:

In the late afternoon we ride a bit up the Elbe on the Elbe Cycle Path to the “Blue Wonder”. The bridge was a technical masterpiece when it was built. The bridge owes its nickname to this and the light blue paint (meanwhile very worn out). Many cyclists, walkers and inline skaters are out and about in the Elbe meadows. Many have a picnic or just enjoy the coolness of the nearby river.

At the end we have a beer in the beer garden with a view of the old town.

In the evening the old town is illuminated. The banks of the Elbe are heavily besieged by young people.

4 thoughts on “Short visit to Dresden

  1. I visited Dresden twice, around 20 years ago…loved it. The Grünes Gewölbe impressed me most (have I spelt that right?)…and walking along the banks of the Elbe. In those days, the Frauenkirche was still under reconstruction, and much still to be done elsewhere.

  2. Wahou! what a beautiful old city! the ceramic or porcelain wall seems fabulous. It'”s always a pleasure to travel with you… even by only comments and beautiful photos………

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