In the Spreewald

Our way of traveling spontaneously has probably fallen victim to Corona. All parking spaces and campsites in the Spreewald are pre-reserved. With difficulty we get a place at the campsite in Burg. After one night we have to move to another place, but that too is only for two nights. Then it’s the weekend and everything is occupied. We’ll see where we’re going and where we can find something.

In the time we have left, we enjoy the beautiful bike paths in the Spreewald. Lots of cyclists and paddlers are out and about. The latter have to go through many locks, which they also have to operate themselves.

The Spreehafen in Burg is pretty busy.

The 27m high Bismarck tower is the landmark of Burg. However, I am the only guest. Maybe this is due to the heat 35-38 °. The view from above is a bit disappointing – forest as far as the eye can see.

Outside the village on the bike paths we seek the coolness of the forest.

In Lübbenau, the artist Volker Roth immortalized the characters from the rich legends of the Spreewald.

THE drink of the Spreewald is the cucumber radler, very refreshing in the heat – a sour radler with a cucumber flavor.





One thought on “In the Spreewald

  1. these bucolic photos made me dream and made my mouth water with this radler typical drink,. Do you know the recipe? the statues, wood or metallic are gorgeous….. I like also to see Rainer sitting and waiting for you……. After this so long confinement it seems that everybody enjoy freedom…… much love

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