admin-ajax After many years of expat life the circle closed and we are back in my home town. We still love travelling. The first years till 2008 we travel with our sail boat “Geriatrix” in the waters of the Adriatic Sea and the eastern Med.www.geriatrix.de

From then our camper brings us to the destinations we like.


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your camper (R.V.) or whatever you may call it. I don’t know if I could adjust to be in my home town – it’s too long ago and I have changed too much. Even though things are kind of rocky right now in the USA, am not ready yet to move back to Holland, and even less to Indonesia (you may read that sometime on my About page at your convenience – for that you open up the icon with the three short horizontal lines on top right). Is your home town in Germany or Austria or Switserland?

  2. Right before we went to the USA for my studies, we lived a hour from Arnhem, quite close to the border with W-Germany. But we also lived in Berlin, when it was still W-Berlin – I loved that city, becausse there is so much art there.
    I notice that I keep writing you – maybe because we are both from W-Eur.:)

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