City of towers

We have reached the altitude of Teruel – about 1000m. The city is listed as a World Heritage Site for its architecture, particularly for its Mudejar-style towers. The Mudejars were people of Islamic faith who, after the Christian Reconquista, were able to continue to practice their religion under restrictions. The Spanish term “Mudéjar” comes from Arabic and means: the one who is allowed to stay.

Via a large staircase (or an elevator) you can reach the panoramic balcony and thus the city center.

The center of the old town is the Plaza Carlos Castel, popularly known as the Plaza del Torico, because here a small bull stands on top of a column, barely 45 centimeters long and 37 cm high.


3 thoughts on “City of towers

  1. Wow wow wow. Loved this one especially. The history, the architecture, your photos!!!

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