Beaches, mountains and prehistoric sites

Sarténe, the most Korsican City of Corsica: The entrance to the parking is so steep we scratch our exhaust pipe! The old houses sit on the rocks and the steps up in the city are not so easy…Next to the Hotel de Ville Corsican specialities are sold. Thanks you all of you who warned us of the Corsican cheese – it smells even packed! But by now I have tried the fresh variety – it really is good and tasty!

In the church the cross (34kg) and the iron chain (15kg) are displayed. The Catenaccio (chain carrier) carries these items through the city. He is hidden under a a blood red coat, only the priest knows his identity.

A historical outside museum is In the fairy forest of chestnuts and cork oaks. The castell of Cucuruzzu dates from the Bronze Age.

The one from Capula was inhabitat till the middle age.

We wonder if the weather might be better on the other side of the island. When we reach the Col de Bavella (1218m) the wind catches up and due to the clouds we can not see the Bavella group. It is VERY cold and it starts to downpour. Off we go! Unfortunately due to this conditions we see nothing of the gigantic scenery around us. We have to come back – but only with good weather conditions!

No rain – at least for the moment. The beach of Polambaggia is a dream.

Bonifacio has to be see. A little train brings us up in the city. The view is gorgeous!

The Megaliths of Cauria lie on a high plateau not far from the coast. A huge field of megaliths and a dolmen have been found here.

Again we have to realize Corsica is beautiful but no island for campers. All around Bonifacio all suitable parkings  or places blocked or forbidden. And no open campgrounds! Eventually we end at the place with the strange people we have been a few days ago. As we know now the bums run this place!


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