Peenemünde 2. September

Today our destination is Peenemünde at the western end of the island. For Rainer this city has a special meaning because his Dad has been here during the war. The Army Research Center Peenemünde 1936-1945 was one of the most advanced technology centers worldwide. In October 1942 the world’s first launch of a rocket into space took place. In the nearby Air Force Missile Test Center missiles were tested with revolutionary technology. The research served from  the beginning but only one goal: to create high-technology military superiority.

Only by the massive use of forced laborers, concentration camp inmates and prisoners of war was the installation of research institutes and the mass production of the rocket in such a short time possible.

The Historical and Technical Museum Peenemünde shows on an exhibition area of 5,000 m²  with the help of documents, original parts,eye witness interviews, documentary films and models the historical context between the dreams of the early rocket pioneers of civilian space flight and the systematic development of the first military rocket in Peenemünde and their series production and use of war represented.


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