From the island of Usedom to Poland September 3.

The island of Usedom is bordered by the river Peene in the west, the river Swine in the east and in the North by the Baltic Sea. It was called the “bathtub of Berlin”. Usedom is Germanies second largest island. Here are the famous seaside resorts located: Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf, Basin, Karlshagen, Trassenheide and Zinnowitz. Together they have 40 Kilometers of beautiful white sand along the shore of the Baltic Sea and 2000 hours of sunshine during the year. In the sandy bed of the Baltic dives a gondola into the water from where one can see the underwater world. For a spoiled Saudi diver – I am not so sure if this is much fun….

                          298 Heringsdorf      294 strandkoerbe

297 Heringsdorf      295 Zinnowitz Tauchglocke

But now we want to go on to Polen. Swinemünde is not far. But what a shock: No Euros in this country! We have to pay with zloty – and of course we don’t have. When this problem is solved there comes the next: Because Usedom is an island we have tu use a ferry to go further into Polen. And that’s sth we don’t like too much with the camper. But the detour is too far and we managed to go on and off the ferry without a bang!

308 faehre nach polen

It is very obvious we are in a different country now. Everything looks a bit rundown. On our first visit 20 years ago it was just the opposite. Maybe because bay that time we were coming from DDR and that’s why the country looked so neat and clean… The campground we reach is just a large meadow and the facilities are very poor. We are quite happy about the comfort in our camper…

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