August 23rd/24th: Biking Canal de l’Est

Die “Rue de Cretes” was originally a military road built by the French during WW1 to supply the army with necessary goods while reconquest Alsace being German since 1871. The roads leads on the western side just below the ridge, by that time the German-French border. Today it is a popular tourist route favored by motor bikers and cyclists.

We decide for us it is too hilly and too busy. We drive further into France to the Canal de l’Est now also called Canal de Vosges. It connects the river Mosel with the river Saone. Between Bains-les-Bains and Fontenoy we find a remote campsite and a bike track next to the waterway. There is a bakery and a bar in Fontenoy, otherwise the village is pretty deserted. But it is just what we need: a baquette and a cool beer!

After a extensive breakfast next morning it is time to depart. Au revoir, auf Wiedersehen and see you soon!

campsite Canal de l’Est N 47°59.376′  E 6°13.671′


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