In the Gulf of Taranto

We drive through Taranto to find a TIM shop to charge our internet. The city and its traffic is terrible, we give it up. We find what we are looking for in Massafra. After these excitements we spend some time on the beach of the Gulf of Taranto.

After that we want to go into the mountains. The road, on the map a thick red line (large road) turns out to be a small road without a median and side walls. The view is wonderful, but after a few kilometers we give up. We adon’t want to burden our nerves with the narrow streets of the next town.

Beim Runterfahren lässt R. mich am oberen Ende des Städtchens Cariati raus, um mich am unteren Ende wieder aufzusammeln. Es ist nicht so einfach wie gedacht aus dem Gassengewirr herauszufinden. Aber ich finde bei meiner Suche ein paar Wandgemälde und ein Hochzeitspaar.

The harbour of Cariati:


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