Along the Apulian coast

Near Foggia we reach the beach. Salt lakes with flamingos and other birds to our right, the sea to our left. For kilometers we drive along this coast. Unfortunately, there is no access to the sea anywhere, only beaches with locked gates. The season is obviously over. You can see the sea but you can’t get there.

We finally find what we are looking for at Barletta. And it was worth it. A gorgeous view! But the shore path is used as a racetrack at night. I wonder why?

Laundry day is necessary. Hopefully we can find an open campsite. ACSI makes it possible. We’ve been at this place in Bisceglie before. Unfortunately there is no washing machine, we have to cycle into town for that.

The town of Trani is not far away.

I think the accordion player was sitting in front of the cathedral 24 years ago…

43 / 5.000

What are the elephants doing above the entrance?

The fish market of Trani. Too hot to buy anything. In a beach bar it tastes also very good.

As in almost every coastal town in this part of Italy, there is a Staufer fort built by Friedrich II.


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