The fossile forest of Dunarobba

Our journey through Umbria leads through vineyards, olive groves and chestnut forests.

In the middle of Umbria we come across a sign “Foresta Fossile”. Behind it lies one of the most unique paleontological sites in the world. The forest of Dunrobba is made up of huge Sequoia tree trunks, dating back to the late Pliocene (2 million years ago), covered in their upright position with clay that kept them upright until they were discovered in the late 1970’s in a quarry for clay. The trees were about 1000 years old when they were alive, which can be seen from the annual rings. The trunks had a diameter of up to 6m, only the inside of the trunk has been preserved. About 6m of the surviving trunks are hidden underground. They are not petrified, but still real wood due to the preservation of the clay in special climatic conditions.

In contrast, visiting the Marmone Falls is a flop – tourist rip-off! You are led to the checkout at the other end – past many kitsch stands – and then have to pay a horrendous price. Hence only the poster of the cases.


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