We actually wanted to cycle along the lake, but the sky has dark clouds and the weather forecast is bad. The road meanders south. We stop in Orvieto. A cable car takes us up to the city. Here tourism has us again.

Between the numerous tourist shops with all kinds of knick-knacks, there is also something special to be found: a shop that makes tailor-made shoes and one that sells fresh pasta. We don’t have shoes made for us, but the noodles filled with all sorts of things are delicious.

The most important building is the mighty cathedral. There is an entrance fee to visit the inside, but I don’t like to pay that for a church.

After lunch, the rain hits us and we are happy to reach our mobile home just in time.

The entire old town is built on a rocky plateau of tuff. This urban rock is criss-crossed by a labyrinth of cellars, corridors and huge cisterns, a small part of which has been reopened to the public. Unfortunately, we can only read that, because it’s raining so hard that we don’t want to make the journey into town anymore.


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