Fall trip to Italy

It’s time for our fall tour. Our goal is Italy. It has gotten bitterly cold. Unfortunately we have to struggle up and down the Fernpass. The traffic jam is also very large on the opposite side. And that because of a small construction site! Couldn’t you dismantle it at the weekend? We look for a place to stay right after the traffic jam. Overnight the snow line drops to 500m! Luckily our place to stay has electricity and we were able to heat it!

The queue on the opposite side builds up again the next day, up and down the Reschenpass and reaches as far as Meran. We’re glad it’s not the case on our side. Not yet, I say afterwards!

The short traffic jams on our side are bearable until we want to head towards Lake Garda in Trento. It’s going VERY slowly. A bike race is the reason. But the big end comes at Lake Garda. The walking pace in the car queue along the entire lake (about 70km) adds to the crowds (vacationers!). And that on the supposedly quieter east side. No chance of leave! We are happy when finally the junction to Verona appears at the end.

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