Day 6: to Sneek

The sunrise isn’t bad either.

There is a nice sailing wind today and this is used a lot.

The bridge opens in the town of Ijlst. Now it’s only a few kilometers to Sneek.

The water sports town of Sneek was allowed to be the capital of Friesland for a moment in the 15th century. Sneek could not be entered that easily. As soon as the clock rang in the evening, the four water gates and two land gates were closed. If you were late, you had to pay. When the gates were no longer needed, they were razed to the ground – with the exception of one water gate, the “Waaterpoort”. The inhabitants of Sneek fought for it.

In 2016 we visited Sneek with our friends and the camper:

Today we see the heart of Friesland from the water.

In the city port we find a berth right by the Asian restaurant, the only one we saw during our whole trip. This was different forty years ago, there were “Chinese” on almost every corner and they were also very cheap.

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