Day 5: somewhere

My camera is finally giving up. Fortunately, there are smart phones with cameras.

On the way we pass a sailing school that obviously practices how to get a ship with its sail in the water back into the right position.

We make a small detour to Hindeloopen.

Like Stavoren, Hindeloopen was an important trading town, but gradually lost importance. After the construction of the dyke, the IJsselmeer became an inland lake, which also reduced fishing. Today the town lives from tourism. It’s position is right on the IJsselmeer.

I remember the “Grote Kerk”. We were here 6 (?) years ago with the mobile home.

After so much city we want to spend the night in the pampas. We pass a small islet with a bay for several boats. That fits!

Here you can swim and cool off a bit from the heat. And there is ice cream as well!

Jonas also went swimming, but with pants and a t-shirt. Drying is not a problem in the heat. Rainer cooks something delicious, Jochen finds the long-missed storage space, everything is perfect. Almost, because at some point a big swanky ship is coming, moors next to us and lets the generator run for an hour – for cooking! An induction cooker needs more electricity.

But then things calm down again and we enjoy the sunset.

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