Day 4: to Stavoren

Across the Sloter Meer to Woudsend

We see birds and other animals on our way.

The Johan Friso Canal takes you to Stavoren, which is located directly on the IJsselmeer. Via the Johann Friso Sluis you can reach it, but we are not allowed to go out through the lock with our ship.

Stavoren was once a powerful and wealthy trading town with good trade relations with the Baltic States. After the 13th century wealth began to decline and other Frisian coastal towns grew. The proud Hanseatic city gradually lost its dominant position and wealth. The legend of “the woman from Stavoren” is a story about the downfall of the old mighty Stavoren. A memorial was set up for her at the old port of Stavoren.

Today, the city lives almost exclusively from tourism, and the range of moorings is corresponding. Despite the holiday season, we find what we are looking for.

Sunset at the IJsselmeer

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