Day 3: to Sloten

Today is my big day: birthday! Where better to celebrate than in the Holle Gracht? We pass a bridge, cross the Sneeker Meer and there we are and toast to xxx years.

It’s much too early to stay overnight. We drive towards Lemmer. Sometimes Jonas has to lower our little mast to get through the bridge.

And sometimes he is allowed to drive underneath the bridge. He masters it better than grandma…

Unfortunately, there are only a few bridges left where you throw the toll into a Dutch clog. Forty years ago we ran out of coins because there was a shoe jiggling on every bridge

After Lemmer we pass the sailing school “De Kikkert”. Here we learned to sail.

A lot of memories … Also to the tiny town of Sloten, which we have chosen for mooring today. Back then it was just a tiny village, today a small town with a marina and everything that goes with it.

The birthday dinner turns out to be quite heavy.

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