Vilshofen a.d.D.

A planetary path was installed between Winzer and Vilshofen. All planets are set up as 3D models along the Danube Cycle Path in their order from the sun on a scale of 1: 1 billion. The sun is right at the Vilshofen boat harbor, the dwarf planet Eris is 10km away up the Danube in Winzer.

Our campsite is in the boat harbor with the view of the Danube and Vilshofen. The CSU’s political Ash Wednesday was held here until 1974. After that, the meeting place was relocated to Passau due to the large number of visitors.

Vilshofen is a nice small town with lots of restaurants and beautiful Art Nouveau houses. But here, too, at 2 a.m., everything is closed.

On the Danube promenade there is the sculpture “Zeitbogen” (time arc) with a raftsman, a “Salzsäumer” and a pilot. Salzsäumer were people who transported loads on the back of pack animals across the mountains. For centuries, they mainly carried salt and wine on mule tracks and over the passes of the Alps.

Schweiklberg Monastery looms high above Vilshofen. The two towers are 51m high. Of the total of eight dials, six show standard time, while the other two show the position of the moon and the sun.

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