Hops and beer

The campsite is located in the parking lot of the Limes Therme in Bad Gögging. To register, you have to queue up at the cash register together with the spa the visitors. If the Therme is just opening it is not so convenient. However, we are then also earlier for lunch and do not have the problem of the lunch break in the restaurants. There are Bavarian delicacies in Bavarian portions …

The harvest of the hop is in full swing. Hop poles several meters high, on which plants climb up, characterize the image of the Hallertau. Hops are one of the three most important raw materials in beer brewing.

In the afternoon we cycle to Weltenburg. The Danube shoots into the Weltenburger Narrows here. The melt water at the end of the Ice Age made a new bed for her. A few years ago we drove through the Danube breakthrough from the other side on an excursion steamer. (https://geriatrixcorner.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/everything-comes-to-an-end/) At that time the crowds who wanted to visit the Weltenburg monastery were too big for us. Even today we are deterred by the many people here. We’re not fans of baroque anyway. We let the monastery be a monastery even if the interior is one of the best that the European baroque has to offer.

The beer garden on the Danube ferry from Eining is more to our taste.


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