The renaissance city of Neuburg a.d.D.

Today we drive a long way past Günzburg and Dillingen to Neuburg an der Donau. This is due to a lot of diversions and not so nice campsites.

We are in the deepest part of Bavaria, even the Thai restaurant closes at 2 p.m. But we don’t have to starve to death, with patience and spit … as we Germans say…

Neuburg takes its name from the “new castle” in the upper town, the mighty Pfalz-Neuburger Residenzschloss. The four wings of the renaissance castle are grouped with two-storey arcades around a large inner courtyard. The courtyard facade is painted over and over with frescoes using graffito technique.

Whether the statue in the courtyard shows the Wittelsbacher Ottheinrich? He built this castle and you can also admire the Ottheinrichsbau named after him in Heidelberg Castle. However, he piled up a lot of debts and lost his belongings. He was only able to return to his Neuburg castle through an unexpected inheritance.

The Danube is almost 100m wide here. Here are the first barrages. Generating energy through hydropower, that is entirely in the spirit of sustainable power supply. But there is also another side for microorganisms, plants and fish when the flowing water becomes stagnant and warms up much more. But one will have to die one death …

Down the Danube towards Ingolstadt lies one of the most important alluvial forest areas of the Danube on German soil.

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