Beer culture in Ehingen

The road leads exactly along the Danube and through several tunnels to the city of Sigmaringen. The Hohenzollern Castle greets you majestically from the edge of the city. The Danube valley is getting wider now.

The beer culture city of Ehingen doesn’t pull us off our feet. Although there are several breweries with restaurants here, we only find with door open. And here the waiter says to us: “I’m taking a lunch break now!” Time: 1.30 p.m.! Fortunately we find a nice Greek restaurant in the pedestrian zone and we eat Greek instead of Swabian – calamaris and tzatziki instead of spätzle and roast pork.







6 thoughts on “Beer culture in Ehingen

  1. At least the greek lunch was more healthy!!!! This is the problem with these touristic cities, full of people during Summer and holidays time but in between everything is closed!!!
    you have a lot more city to go through, I will follow you from Jerome’s place!!!!!
    lots of things to do before my departure… I finally got (not easy) the third vaccin from Pfizer laboratory……..
    I love your photos……
    Much love

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