The Swabian Grand Canyon

The young Danube cuts through the white Jura limestone. To the right and left of it rise steep rock faces, a castle on top of it – at least the remains of it.


The tiny village of Beuron consists mainly of the monastery and the guest houses and accommodations for pilgrims. The Swabian Way of St. James leads through here. The huge pilgrim hotel “Klosterhof” is currently being renovated. I cannot imagine that so many pilgrims visit this place.

The monastery church is full of baroque and smells penetratingly of incense.

“The House of Nature” is housed in the beautiful old train station, where everything revolves around the preservation and protection of the landscape, the “Upper Danube Valley” nature park.

4 thoughts on “The Swabian Grand Canyon

  1. I have to check where is this place!!!! The Swabian great canyon??? I love the sun flower photo….and I can really see you making a grimace with the incense odor….but what a beautiful church! Strange these high places , there are the same construction in Greece, it was a way to protect people against possible attacks…. I am not surprise that so many pilgrims go there…….

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