A day at the island of Rügen

In bright morning sunshine we are at the ferry and let us take us to Rügen.

At the beginning there is a bike path, but then we have to share the road with the cars – not always that pleasant.

Close to Castle Park of Putbus, cyclists have their own lane again. The park’s fallow deer are very close to the fence.

Putbus is known as the “white city” of the island of Rügen, it is also called the “city of roses”. The city was founded in 1810 and its founder linked the purchase of the residential houses with the obligation to plant rose bushes in front of the houses. That is still accepted today.

The Circus Putcus is a circular square that the founder laid out and had classicist houses built around the circle. All the buildings are still there today. A strictly structured park fills the inner ring, with an obelisk in the center.

From here we roll down to the harbor – and pass  a strange house on the way…

An exclusive holiday complex has been created in the Lauterbach marina. The stilt houses are stylishly furnished, the highlight is a complete glass front.

In the harbor there is delicious fish for sale – or “Curry-Wurst” to strengthen yourself for the bike trip home along the coast.

Not to forget – we also saw cranes – we had a great day a great day.



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