Amber – the gold of the sea

The German Bernstein Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten west of Stralsund is known as Europe’s most beautiful amber exhibition. About 40-50 million years ago, today’s Baltic Sea area consisted of subtropical forests. The resin of the conifers has been transformed into Baltic amber. There are around 300 species in the world. However, the Baltic amber is the most important with 90% of world production. The amber museum gives a comprehensive insight into the natural, art and cultural history of the fossil resin.

The GermanBernstein Museum is located in a house of the former Klarissen Monastery in Ribnitz. Only the church from the end of the 14th century has been preserved from the original monastery complex.

The former nuns’ gallery is particularly valuable and well preserved.

Afterwards we visit the Ostsee Schmuck Schaumanufaktur. Here you can look into the workshops.

The large amber sales exhibition is the most extensive of its kind in Germany, made up of impressive exhibits from various origins and shows amber in all the color nuances from white to yellow to brown and red.

One thought on “Amber – the gold of the sea

  1. Just a beautiful museum, where you apparently learned a lot about amber. Does it say that if you have an amber collar around your neck it’s good against disease? Lots of babies wear it!
    Much love

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