Our camper is dry again, I’m looking forward to the next rain …

Joking aside, we’re on the road again, this time the Baltic Sea is our destination. We drive the first part on the motorway to the Hainich National Park. Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed to spend the night in the parking lot. What a pity! We drive to Bad Langenslaza, the next town. At the thermal baths there are nice places to stay and the city center is not far.

It’s a pretty town, the city center has been nicely renovated. The carillon at the town hall with 32 bells can play 14 different melodies and one can hear it daily at 12 noon and 6 p.m.

However, after 30 years of gray on gray, I sometimes have the impression people are very generous with colors.

But if you drive to the outskirts, you will see many houses that are still in need of renovation.



One thought on “Thuringia

  1. And now…. still no rain to test the repair? We are still at home and our short fall color tour looks unlikely. Currently painting the garage, then the fall pine needle cleanup, mixed with the usual fall medical checkups … and now awaiting the last minute discovery that Greg didn’t have six-months validity left in his passport. Flexible is our word.

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