Water everywhere…

On the way to our new location we pass the Saale Tower. Despite the bad weather, I climb the 192 steps.

In Ziegenrück (what a name!) There is a nature campsite that appears quite good. It’s almost a bit too “rustic” for us, but what the heck.

After lunch it really rains. At some point I hear a strange noise – it’s dripping. Unfortunately inside the mobile home … The roof window is leaking. In the night it rains cats and dogs and very wet inside. We have no choice but to drive home in the morning (400km!) and bring our camper to the workshop. That was probably our shortest trip. What a pity! Somewhen in the future we will come back and finish our biking trip along the river Saale.

2 thoughts on “Water everywhere…

  1. What a shame !!!! Here no rain ……. I came back from Nantes yesterday, we had good Time with all the family ! Next week I will go to Lyon. Hope the link will be settle quickly so you can make an other trip… Much love Domy

    1. Oh DARN. I was enjoying all your posts. And, as usual, being totally envious of your wonder bike trails to explore your country (and the rest of Europe!). So, I’m sorry but hope the repairs will be easy and effective. … Still thinking of your birthday, too. We tried to telephone but it would not go through : (

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