An der Saale hellem Strande

…is the titel of a German folk song from 1825. The river Saale we chose for our destination in these times. Corona has the world firmly under control. Foreign travel is out of question for us, but our own country also has enough to offer.With masks in our luggage we drive to the river Saale in Northeast Bavaria. In Oberkotzau we find a wonderful parking space.

The river Saale arises in the Fichtelgebirge approx. 26km from here. The planning says “difficult bike tour”. But it should work with the electric bike.

Insect bike

The golden cornfields from six weeks ago have become stubble fields.

Yesterday’s low pressure area “Kirsten” is not over yet and is still blowing hard. Our cycle path passes the Förmitz reservoir, which serves as flood protection and low-water improvement of the river Saale, and also as a beautiful recreational lake for the Fichtelgebirge area.

The track steadily going uphill and the last few kilometers on the forest path to the source are a challenge. We are happy about our electric bikes.

Nothing happens in the nearby town of Zell im Fichtelgebirge. In the only open restaurant we get the rather unfriendly information “We don’t have lunch”. Ok, then we don’t want. Meanwhile, quite hungry, we find a nice reaturant below a huge chestnut tree and strengthened, we can continue cycling.

A huge farm, through which the bike path leads right through the middle, looks almost like a factory. Ducks on the right, geese on the left, many calves each in a large dog house …

In Schwarzenbach a.d.Saale you can see fish of all colors.

This is also the home of Erika Fuchs, the translator and editor-in-chief of Micky Mouse magazine. Her word creations “knack,seufz,knall, etc.” have long been part of the German language.

In Oberkotzau, the “Seitreiber-Brunnen” on the market square is a reminder of the region’s pig dealers.


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