To the mouth of the river Saar

We’ll choose a nicely located parking space directly on the river Saar. The river Saar flows from south to north in a 250 km long river and finally flows into the Moselle near Konz. Unfortunately we did not register the triangular stone at the mouth as a “work of art”, otherwise we would have looked at it more closely.

The Saarburg was first mentioned in a document in 964 AD and today towers over the river Saar and the city of Saarburg. It is considered to be one of the oldest hilltop castles in southwest Germany.

The town of Saarburg is located opposite our parking space. The waterfall, located in the city center, plunges almost 20 meters between the upper and lower town. It was created when the water of the Leukbach was diverted through the city in the Middle Ages in order to take advantage of the hydropower. At the foot of the waterfall there are two mills. The narrow rows of houses along the Leuckbach have been resting on heavy oak piles for centuries, which is why Saarburg is also called Little Venice of the river Saar.


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