The middle Ahr

Blankenheim Castle sits above the town. Unfortunately you cannot visit the castle, there is a youth hostel in it.

Despite many construction sites and diversions, we make a nice Eifel trip. Eifelland is a motorcycle country – you can really say that. Many curves bring us back to the Ahr and to our next parking space. It is located in the middle of vineyards directly on the Ahr below the Saffenburg, the ruins date from the 11th century.

Up the Ahr – almost to our turning point yesterday – and then down to our parking space. The Ahr is now a bit bigger. Again on or next to the old railway line and through many tunnels. There is even a pit stop – unfortunately closed due to Corona.

The Ahr Valley Railway operates from Ahrbruck on a single track. The second lane is used as a bike track.

From Altenahr the valley bends to the east and is cut into the Ahr Mountains like a canyon. Wine growing also begins here, the area is known for its red wine. It is amazing how the vineyards rise up the steep slopes.


5 thoughts on “The middle Ahr

  1. Wow. Just beautiful. With one vehicle do just pick a place to park and then travel to and from or up and back or …?

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