A town of granite

We drive cross through the Spanish mainland. In the morning it has 12 degrees and the tops of the mountains are sugared by snow.

Avila is located southeast of Madrid at an altitude of 1130m, the highest city in Spain. A granite town built on  granite rock. But as dark as described in our guide, it doesn’t appear. The massive city wall with over 80 castellated towers and 9 gates is made of light granite. It has been completely preserved and surrounds the city center completely.

4 thoughts on “A town of granite

  1. Wow. Not exactly an easy stone for such detail in building. Did they say how long it took or how many builders worked on the town? Very cool….from a geologist perspective. Out into the surf today for us.

  2. Wow, Avila is impressive. I heard the name of this town before but didn’t know what it was known for. Thank you for enlightening us . The buildings are regal, and love the details you captured of the cathedral – stunning! Now, when I see my granite kitchen counter, your images will come to mind. Many thanks for showing this beauty to All Seasons! Have a lovely Autumn week, Traudel!

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