Now our journey continues through endless cork tree forests. Some of the peeled trees are gray others reddish brown, i. freshly peeled.

Then we notice a street sign: Grazalema! Here we came through 11 years ago and drank a beer on the small square.

Again and again a white village sits on top of a mountain. But the Andalusian mountains dissappear and the country becomes more and more flat.

To stay overnight we find a place on a hacienda just before Sevilla. At the beginning we stand alone at the huge square, later there are two more campers. The land is very dry and needs rain. And it will get it at night. According to German weather report, it rains all over the Iberian Peninsula. A heavy thunderstorm with heavy rain washes the dust from our car. In the morning the sky is blue again, only a puddle reminds of the night. The temperature has fallen quite a bit. Maybe we need our thick blankets again …



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