Comares, a white village

Comares sits like a fortress at 700 m on a large rock and offers an incomparable view over the Axarquia, which extends from the up to 2000 m high mountains of the nearby Sierras across the river plain to the Mediterranean Sea. The Plaza in Comares is therefore also known as the “balcony of the Axarquia”. It is a typical “white village” of Andalusia.

The village is of Arab origin, as you can see in the Moorish city architecture. We follow the footprints of blue tiles up and down through the winding streets. Natural stones are embedded in the masonry of white houses and act as a decorative element. Sometimes small trees grow between the houses and one wonders where they get their food from.

At the far end of the rocky outcrop lies the cemetery, which has its very own flair.

7 thoughts on “Comares, a white village

  1. All white is beautiful, and fits the Mediterranean area. Love your image of that tree:) When I looked it up on the map, I saw Malaga, that is where we had our honeymoon, many years ago. Had not realized that this is an autonomous state from Spain. Since it’s a subtropical climate, I wonder how they keep the flowers on the cemetery fresh? many thanks for sharing this beautiful area of Spain with All Seasons! You must have a tan (don’t have to answer that:))
    Thank you so much for linking while you were travelling – really appreciated! Jesh

    1. 😄 Our friend took us to this place. Even we have travelled so often in this area, it was new to us.
      Most of the flowers are plastic… Only on special days like 1st of Nov. they are real.

      1. Coming from Holland, plastic flowers would be out of the question (and in Germany probably the same)!

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