Through the Puszta to Eger

The road winds down into the plain and towards the Hungarian border. One last “Drum Bun” and we are in Hungary. This time, the border officials even controll the drivers for alkohol.

No rain for two days! In the Hungarian Puszta it is hot, very hot even. Fortunately, there are several thermal baths here, which also have a cold pool to refresh.

The bad roads of the past weeks are demanding their duty. Our exhaust slips down – just on Pentecost, all workshops have closed. Luckily, the driver always knows how to help and can fix it in a makeshift manner.

Suddenly we see Golgotha in front of us – a hill full of crosses. It is the memorial to the Battle of Muhi, in which the Mongols struck the troops of the Hungarian king in 1241.

Eger, not to be confused with the Czech Eger, is one of the oldest city foundations in Hungary. For us the e-bike pays off again, because the campsite is outside and above the city. Today on Pentecost Sunday half Hungary seems to visit Eger. The old town is packed, it is not easy to find a place to eat.

The Ottoman influence is unmistakable. Apart from many baroque buildings, there is a large minaret, but on the top sits a cross. The warrior monument on the main square is decorated with crescents.

It’s so hot, the kids have a lot of fun at the well.

The cathedral is the second largest in Hungary.

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