Transfaragastan – the road in the clouds

Stave churches are known to us from Norway. But there are also eight of them in northern Romania, but we discover a stave church on the way from Transylvania to Wallachia. Because of a ban on building churches out of stone, the stave churches were built of wood.

Transfaragasch is the second highest road in Romania. The high mountain road leads through the Faragas Mountains, the most alpine part of the Southern Carpathians. Again, there is a Drakula Castle, which sits on a rock like an eagle’s nest. You can find out which one suits Drakula better.

Even the beginning of the road is quite dramatic and makes anxious for the coming. And it comes straight with the daily thunderstorms and heavy rain. For miles, it goes along a well-filled reservoir.

Higher and higher we come and wonder how much snow is still on the mountains. Then the road is blocked in front of us. In the nearby restaurant they tell us “winter lock” and that for at least one more month. Maybe there was a sign below that we either overlooked or could not read.

At least, we get something to eat. Then we have to drive back more than 60km – still in pouring rain. But it is good for something: At the roadside sits a bear and looks curious at the stupid motorists.



6 thoughts on “Transfaragastan – the road in the clouds

  1. What an adventure!!!!! beautiful bear photo, you deserved it!!!!!
    The churches look really the same than in Norway.
    Bad weather also in France……. I wonder how will be summer???
    Ann and David had a whales boat trip that they enjoyed a lot. Freezing holiday for them, but they did know!
    I will go next week to Rouen for the Armada, the Hermione is there, I am sure you remember when we have been there a long time ago, and also the Hermione being built at Rochefort!
    It’s a 3 days trip! and not sure that the weather will be better than now!
    Much love

    1. The bear was so close! We have rain and thunderstorm once a day. I sent you a list so you can follow us better on google maps. Enjoy Rouen. Of course we remember. Love Traudel

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