From the coast to Transylvania

Here we are at the easternmost point of our journey. “Go west” means for us a bit to the south first, because there is no bridge over the Danube. Again, there are always purple-blue fields, so very demarcated, that must have to do with the spraying.

In Harzova we want to spend the last night on the Danube. It would have been a nice spot between the golden domes and the Danube, if there had not been a rubbish dump in between.

The next opportunity is flooded, populated by cows or simply nonexistent.

Then it’s time to say goodbye to the river that has been with us for so long. In the evening on a campsite it is raining again so much that we are glad not to have stayed on the banks.

Transylvania is located in the middle of Romania, We will enter on the eastern edge. On the way to the Carpathians, we are again hit by thunderstorms and heavy rain. Roads are flooded. The grassy fields in the campsite are so wet that we are afraid to get stuck.

In Bran stands the Dracula Castle of Vlad Tepes Draculea. In fact, he was only here for a few days, but the castle is impressive. If you want you can see the bats flying around the many turrets and bay windows of the castle. Up and down the many stairs you can go through the countless rooms, from Drakula you see nothing.




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