Danube Delta

The campsites all look the same. We take the one that sounds the best. The host cooks every Sunday for his guests fish soup and grilled Danube herring. With it is served polenta and garlic cream. Winner is the one with the most bones …

At 6 o’clock in the morning we are picked up for a boat trip to the Danube Delta. This has the advantage that the birds are still there and the mosquitos are not there yet. After the Volga, the delta is the second largest in Europe. We travel criss-cross through the water labyrinth, where the only pelicans in Europe live.



3 thoughts on “Danube Delta

    1. The pelicans were very nice to watch. And frogs… we had thousands around us, but very hard to take a picture of them because you saw them in the last moment. I just had to take my chance by doing it blindly…

  1. Just beautiful pictures of nature with birds, water and greenery! I just wonder who won with the herrings bones???????
    At the moment I am travelling with you, Ann and David in Iceland and Arabia with TV….. all this being at home……
    Much love!

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