The Black Sea Coast

Since the road does not go anywhere near the Danube, we decide to go via the highway. And promptly stand in a traffic jam at a construction site for almost an hour.

The Danube makes an almost right-angled bend to the north. However, we drive across the bridge to the coast.

The beach suitable for swimming and bbeachlife ends pretty soon. A big refinery determines the picture.

After that there is no beach anymore. You do not see anything from the Black Sea anymore. The road leads through small, poor villages and endless fields. The color blue dominates the picture. The edges of the cornfields as well as all marges and road edges are blue.



2 thoughts on “The Black Sea Coast

  1. Thanks for the map, it’s really easier to follow where you drive!!!
    I am amazed to see that some people are having a bath in the sea, which is probably quite cold! You didn’t try?
    Much love

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