Bucharest and the Pope

It is not so easy to find a suitable place for the supply and disposal. The next one is in Bucharest. The traffic gets denser the closer we get to the capital. On the ring around Bucharest, we are only progressing step by step. Finally we reach the campsite. Because of the traffic, the Romanian driving style and the distance to the center we decide to take the bus to the center and not our bikes. There must be something special going on here. An immense police force, blocks are everywhere and people are standing in line for something. When asked what’s going on here, the woman in question breathes – horrified by so much ignorance – “Papa”. Ironically, if we want to visit Bucharest, the Pope has the same idea …

The distance to the huge presidential palace is bigger than expected. Also, you have to be very careful not to stumble on the ailing sidewalks.


With round feet we reach the metro station to get back to our bus stop. The sky is dangerously black. As we sit dry in the bus, the rain starts. When we get out at the campsite, it still pours like out of buckets. Only 100 meters to the camper, but we are wet to the skin. Such a deluge we have rarely experienced.

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