Through the Danube Bend to Szentendre

It is raining cats and dogs. That is why we do without the visit of the Slovak capital Bratislava and drive straight to Hungary. The Danube is now called Duna. The first campsite we drive sinks in the mud, the second would be nice if it were not so rotten. What the hell, it’s raining anyway …

In Komarom we switch to the Slovakian side, to get at least a little bit of Slovakia.

After about 30km we change back to the Hungarian side. Already from the bridge you can see the dome of the Esztergom Cathedral, an impressive building that we visited several years ago.

From Esztergom to Szentendre, the Danube makes a few turns. This section of the river is called “Danube Bend”.

The cozy little town of Szentendre has become in ten years a tourist destination overflowing with souvenir shops. Nevertheless, the small streets have kept their charm.

The Danube carries a lot of water after the rain of the past days.



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