Linz on the river Danube

Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, is mainly known to us through the “Linzer Torte”. But there is more in Linz. Our campsite is located on the northern bank of the Danube overlooking the city. The big main square we reach over the Nibelungen Bridge. It is the center of the historic old town. This is where the Salzstrasse used to end, from Linz to Bohemia.

Hauptplatz von Linz/Austria
Landhaus – Government of Upper Austria

The New Cathedral is the largest church in Austria. 20,000 believers fit into it. The tower towers over the city at 135m.

We cycle along the banks of the Danube and reach the big Danube port. Mural Harbor grew one of the largest outdoor graffiti galleries.

Above the city is the Pöstlingsberg, which is crowned by a pilgrimage church. With a historic tram (one of the steepest rack railways in Europe) you can go up. Since I do not want to wait 45 minutes for the departure, I am strutting up with my e-bike and I am rewarded with a great view of Linz.

Everything has its price: Just in front of our campsite anchors a disco ship …

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