Plastic wherever you look

The beautiful coastline of the Costa del Sol eventually passes into the plastic landscape of the province of Almeria. Plastic greenhouses shimmer in the sun wherever you look. Tomatoes, aubergines and other vegetables are cultivated here to supply with it all of Europe all year round. Monocultures rely heavily on fertilizers. To appeal also visually to the amateur chef, lethal injections are generously given. The necessary intensive irrigation also leaches out the groundwater supplies, which drop alarmingly. The aubergine in January tastes a bit bitter …

Sometimes the greenhouses look like this:

In the middle of the plastic sea, the retort town of Almerimar was created on the drawing board with countless residential complexes. At the turn of the millennium, the rocks were removed to make room for even more housing estates. In the harbor around the lighthouse are grouped over 1000 moorings and a lot of pitches for campers.

The lady in the phone shop just says “Oh la la” when she sees my phone. But the next morning it is fixed and looks like new. The camera and the flashlight are also working again – hurray!

3 thoughts on “Plastic wherever you look

  1. Ah, finally found your post in English! Terrifying really considering all the concern about plastic in the ocean. Perhaps we need to connect up our eating habits more directly with the environmental consequences.

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