To Gibraltar

We do not want to miss the chance to visit Gibraltar. Maybe you’ll need a visa soon. The sports harbor of La Linea is the ideal starting point.

Gibraltar Airport is the only airport in the world whose runway crosses the road to Gibraltar just after the border crossing. Several times a day all traffic on the only road to Gibraltar is stopped. Unfortunately, I am so busy with the traffic on the road, that I do not even think about this strange thing to photograph and therefore I get these pictures from the net.

We want to reach the Europa Point. We did not realize how hilly this road is. Twice we even have to drive through a narrow, unlit and dripping tunnel before reaching the lighthouse at the top of Gibraltar. In the haze we can see Africa. Of the famous monkeys we only see one and he does not want to be photographed.

The return trip is pretty exhausting as well. The road climbs steeply up above the coast to the rocks and then leads down to the center. Everything is very British here – British shops, British pubs and of course a lot of Brits. No wonder we have to eat British: fish and chips. Of course, we only have euros and the exchange rate is no longer the current reality.

After work, it’s back to Spain – again passing the runway and across the border.

Unfortunately, I lost my phone while doing so. I have to go back searching – again over the border and the runway – and report the loss at the police station of the city. In the evening, however, the honest finder tries to find me and my cell phone is back – pretty much damaged but still functional. Many, many thanks to the honest Spaniard!


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