24th of December in Malaga

Malaga is known for its Christmas decoration. If the German or American Christmas is too verkitsched for you, than you are at the right place:

The Father Christmas figures and the snowmen seem a bit out of place.

On the streets it’s like a festival. The pubs are full, everyone is happy, sings and drinks and laughs.

With Malaga in view, we celebrate our little Christmas accompanied by firework shots.

Unfortunately, we are rudely wakened up at night. Where did we land here? Is this the special place of Malaga? Or just a private Christmas party? The music is so loud that our mobile home rattles and roars. It is unbearable, finally we drive to the other end of the place and find a parking spot there. Here we the noise is very muffled and we can finally fall asleep again at 4 o’clock in the morning.


One thought on “24th of December in Malaga

  1. Well, your Christmas Eve dinner looked VERY GOOD. Too bad about the party but it seems like too frequent an occurrence during holidays!

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