Carthago Nova

The Carthaginians founded 230 BC the new Carthago in place of an Iberian settlement Soon after, the Romans conquered the city and named it Carthago Nova. This became the center of Cartagena and that’s what it is called today.

The Romans took over and built a gigantic theater, but in the course of time it was built over with other buildings. In 1988, the first remains of the theater were discovered and gradually the entire theater was uncovered. An unusual museum today shows the visitor the history of the 6,000-capacity building. The entrance is opposite the Town Hall and underground tunnels lead visitors to the center of the theater, which accommodated 6,000 spectators. The rows of seats were struck directly into the stone.

In the 13th century, the old cathedral was built above the last rows of seats – no one remembered the theater underneath.

There is also a lot to see in the new Cartagena. Even a whale swims in the harbor …


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