The house of Salvatore Dali

We take the coastal road between France and Spain and crank to Cadaques. Right next to Cadaques is the former fisherman’s nest Portlligat. In 1930, the artist Salvatore Dali bought a fisherman’s hut, to which, over time, six more were added, which he combined into a unique labyrinth house. Even now in an absolute out of season time all tours into the house are booked for the whole day. Only 10 people are allowed to visit house and garden about every half an hour. But I’m lucky, as an individual I can participate immediately.

Dali has arranged a mirror, so he could see the sunrise from his bed.

The heart of the house is the studio – it looks as if Dali had just left a short moment ago. He constructed a large movable frame to be able to paint even large works while sitting.

Galas round empire


Terrace and garden are designed in the unique style of Dali.


He really has chosen a nice spot!

4 thoughts on “The house of Salvatore Dali

  1. All I can say is WOW. I looked at all of your posts previously but on my telephone. Today, I am going back to look at them on my laptop (much better, of course). Now that your journey is over it won’t make much sense for me to comment but we shall see if I can stay quiet : )

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