Bedrich Smetana and Oskar Schindler

In the morning we are rudely awakened by loud motorcycle noise. The motorcycle fans of the area meet here today for an event and are already starting to build stalls around us. We make a hasty start to the new day and are therefore early in the town Litomysl. This is abound with people, it’s market day. There is even a band. With luck we get hold of a carking space and off we go to the crowd.

The market square is surrounded by beautiful town houses with arcades.

The main attraction of the city is “sgraffito”. Not a spelling mistake, but an old technique in which two different colored plasters are applied to each other and the motifs are scratched into it. On the side of the Red House one can admire funny and serious pictures in this technique, the most recent one (which I found) is from 1998.

Overlooking the town is the castle, which is covered with sgraffiti all over. Even the chimneys adorn sgraffito motifs.

The castle theater with the original stage decoration has been preserved.

The tables in the rooms are set with Meissen porcelain and Czech glass.

The gentlemen reached the hunting room over the flat steps on horse back.

In the opposite brewery of the castle, the composer Friedrich Smetana saw the light of day as the child of the castle’s brewmaster.

Svitavy, just a few kilometers away, is the hometown of another famous son in the area: Oskar Schindler, who mainly employed ghetto Jews in his factory in Krakow. With his famous list he saved 1,200 lives.

Apparently, all inhabitants of Svitavy are currently in the market in the neighboring village, because nobody is here.

This is how a draft beer has to look like!


2 thoughts on “Bedrich Smetana and Oskar Schindler

  1. Super. Just super. The art work is outstanding and I really enjoy music of Smetena, as to Mr. Schindler, what a guy! And, clearly, Rainer has a proper glass of beer to enjoy along with the fantastic town.

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