The battle of Königgrätz

We drive one last time along the river Elbe, before it turns to the west.

We’re heading for one of the biggest battlefields in history. In 1866 the Battle of Königgrätz -every German has learned about that at school. 180,000 Austrians against 220,000 Prussians. The Prussians won and thus also the leading power in Germany. The battle is considered one of the precursor of the German empire in 1871.

Unfortunately, the big lookout tower is only open on weekends in September.

The city Kuttenberg (Kutna Hora) was the second most important to Prague in the Middle Ages. Here silver was found, the old mine can be visited, but for us at very bad times. Due to its high silver content, the “Prager Groschen” stamped in Kuttenberg was considered the most stable currency in Europe. The huge St. Barbara Church was built to pay homage to the patron saint of miners.

Unfortunately, the overnight spot on the lake is no longer available. For that we find a huge parking lot in the forest. At night, it thunders and rains very hard, we are glad to stand on solid ground.



One thought on “The battle of Königgrätz

  1. Excellent – and I have heard of this mine area even if not the famous battle. And we, too, know about our patron Saint : ) We celebrate St. Barbara’s day in our mineral industry to this day — no matter our faith!

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