From the river Eger to the Bohemian Valleyof the river Elbe and on to the Lusatian Mountains (Lausitzer Gebirge)

Through hop country we drive from the river Eger into the Elbe Valley. Unfortunately, we can only see the beautiful pitches on the other side of the Elbe. When finally a bridge crosses the river, the road is blocked by a 2.60 m high span- to low for us.

But there is a parking lot right on the bank of the

river Elbe just below the huge castle in Decin.  A 300m long road cut into the rock leads to the castle.

The town of Decin is also called the North Bohemian Gateway to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The Elbe has milled deep into the sandstone between Decin and Hrensko.

The Elbe flows further north into the Elbsandsteingebirge, we turn right at Hrensko into the Lusatian Mountains (Lausitzer Gebirge). But the picturesque rocks you can only reach by hiking.

The small resort Jetrichovice (Dittersbach) is framed by sandstone cliffs. On some even sits a viewing pavilion like a huge eagle’s nest.

The village itself consists of old Bohemian houses, we see again and again in this part of the country.

Hidden between trees lies this decayed villa.

At the foot of the Lausitzer Gebirges is the “Herrenhausfelsen” to admire. The pentagonal and hexagonal basalt columns are reminiscent of oversized organ pipes. With a length of up to 20 meters, they are the largest in Europe. The pillars were created during the volcanic activity in the Czech Republic about 30 million years ago.


One thought on “From the river Eger to the Bohemian Valleyof the river Elbe and on to the Lusatian Mountains (Lausitzer Gebirge)

  1. All that geology : ) Sandstones, columnar basalts, and then houses like I can imagine Greg’s grandmother’s (Gramma Helen) living in wherever they came from in Bohemia!

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