Everything comes to an end…

We are back in Germany. To bypass Munich, we drive via Wasserburg and Landshut through Lower Bavaria to Kelheim.

A special parking for campers is offered here and also a boat trip to the Danube Gorge. This is a narrow point of the Danube valley between Kelheim and Weltenburg. The Liberation Hall, which recalls the battles against Napoleon, towers over everything in Kelheim.

To the right and left of the Danube are impressive rocks, all of which carry names from legends. At its narrowest point, the river is only 80m wide. On the right side (upriver) you can see 65 iron rings – if you want to count them. In former times, the barge-drivers used to pull themselves up the river with a boat hook.

Here you can see Saint Nepomuk …

The ride ends at Kloster Weltenburg. When we see the many people who all want to visit the monastery, we ride comfortably back almost alone on the ship.

At more than 2,850km, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe. From its mouth into the Black Sea to here are 2417km, so still, about 400 km to its creation from Brigach and Breg, as we have all learned in school.

A cold beer in a Bavarian beer garden completes the day in the evening. A small detour to Niederndorf and then we are back home after an eventful journey. Thank you for joining us and see you next time.



9 thoughts on “Everything comes to an end…

  1. You have done a beautiful trip, thank you for sharing it , Now comes the time to tidy up the camper and then to enjoy the house!!!!
    Hope you have nice weather

  2. Well – a very interesting trip sounds like an understatement. You showed us a part of the world that we may never see so THANK YOU. I had read all of your posts earlier but back at my keyboard I wanted to add that I particularly loved this part along the Danube. We are going to have to hire you to be our European travel-planner!

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