Passes of the Alps

We are now in Triglav National Park, the only National Park in Slovenia. It is named after the highest mountain in Slovenia, the 2 864m high Triglav.

The highest mountain pass in Slovenia, the Vrsic Pass, is in the Triglav National Park. It is the connection between Kranjska Gora and the village of Trenta. The pass road is 24 km long and has 50 hairpin bends, 24 to Kranjska Gora and 26 to Trenta. The curves on the northern side are paved. 10,000 Russian prisoners of war built this road during the First World War. Despite special avalanche fences, 300 of them were killed in heavy avalanches. On the Kranjska Gora side, the prisoners built a chapel to commemorate their suffering and that of their comrades buried under the avalanche. The construction of the road was finished in 1917.


At the top of the pass, there is a flock of sheep.

The pass road is a popular motorcycle route. We see many motorcyclists. But even cyclists climb the pass, respect! In addition, there are always construction sites on the track.

The 2547m high Prisank on the northern side has an 80 x 40m window in its flank. It is the largest natural window of the Julian Alps.

The Slovenian winter sports resort Kranjska Gora seems rather sleepy at this time of the year. We drive over the Wurzenpass to Austria. With 1073m height, this pass is not that high, but was one of the most important border crossings between Austria and Slovenia with its narrow and winding pass road and with up to 18% slope until the opening of the Karawankentunnel. A lot of steering for the driver!


3 thoughts on “Passes of the Alps

  1. I do love a good mountain road, but alas my days of driving in such landscapes are over…. Are you in Austria for the next leg?

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